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Monster in a Box

As a token of appreciation for your amazing support, I've created a little something special just for you. Introducing Monster in a Box! Listen, download, and let your imaginations run wild. Oh, and please share any of your MIAB-inspired Halloween masterpieces with us by tagging @haunted.ambience.
Monster In A Box
Build your own

Monster in a Box Prop

I've always loved jump scare props. They're exciting, unexpected, and a lot of fun. I scoured the internet and found three fantastic creators who built their own amazing Monster in a Box props and crafted brilliant tutorials on how to make them. I'm not affiliated with these folks in any way — I'm simply a fan of their work.

Build your own with my Monster in a Box track. Be sure to tag me @haunted.ambience so I can see the results.


Monster in a Box

This is a classic “pull out all the stops” Monster in a Box prop. Yes, it’s a bit more labor-intensive and expensive, but I wanted to include it because, well, the end result is pretty amazing!

Artfully Rogue

Monster in a (Box) Basement

This isn't just any box. It's a trapdoor leading to unknown subterranean horrors. Perfect for those looking to surprise guests with a bona fide monster lurking in the basement.

Eerie Acres Cemetery

Pandora’s Box

Not all monsters are massive. Take a look at this Monster in a Box prop that can sit right on your table. It's compact, cost-effective, and the scares are just as big!

Download Monster in a Box

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